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The Science of Self Help

Don't Just Live. Learn to Thrive!

Ever feel like you're missing out on life? Like the success, satisfaction and happiness you long for are just beyond your reach? Do you wish you had greater willpower, more influence, better grades, stronger relationships, greater fitness, charisma, health, memory, love, fulfillment and happiness? Well, you've come to the right place.

My name is Eric Smith, and I've been an award-winning journalist and instructor for over 25 years. If you're at all skeptical about what I'm offering you here, I invite you to read 5-star review after 5-star review written by people just like you who have been blown away by the incredible, powerful scientific secrets I teach you. There really is nothing else like The Path, and I'm convinced you'll agree without a shadow of a doubt that it’s the most powerful life guidebook ever published. I'm about to teach you incredible, never-before-published secrets to completely transform your life - with astounding, powerful knowledge you cannot find anywhere else.

5-star reader reviews are pouring in: 

This is an incredibly well written and researched book! ...what I've read took me 10 years to learn and accomplish by my own steam! I wish I had this book 20 years ago. Money well spent. - Lisa Fife, housewife and mother, Victoria, Canada

...let me say that I’m really enjoying your books. They’re fantastic! You obviously poured a lot into them, and I’m going to tell all my friends. - Gary Shymkiw, Intel, Austin, Texas

As a father of two teens (19 and 17) I'll be taking them through the first 40 pages and get them started on the Path. This book has guidance, reference and explanations of where we've come from, how to get to where you want to go and why people do what they do. Handy book to have on any high school counsellor desk, as a reference book for any student or anyone that wants to explore why they are the way they are.... the combination of exercises and external links which are worth the price of the book alone. Read it and spend the time on self examination; you'll be glad you did. - Lt. William White, ret., 327th Infantry, 101st AASLT Division, Fayetteville USA

This book teaches you so many profound new skills.... I wish I had this guide years ago to help me improve my life. A healthy body and healthy mind will bring you the right answers too! You want this book, and I am not kidding. It will teach you vital skills for survival through the worst of times. I can't wait to start Book 2. - Mihoko Kobayashi, IT consultant, Chiba, Japan

Bravo! You've done a massive amount of research, and it's impressive as Hell. I've learned so much,
I can't begin to thank you enough.
- Jerry S, USA

Amazing - you write profound science in terms that are easy to understand. I have already learned so much about how my brain and body work. I'm excited and plan to use your exercises to build a gorgeous body by summertime - I thought it would be tough, but I've learned about how to control my impulses, so I know I can succeed! - Jennifer L, USA

You've Found The TRUE Secrets of Life

I’ve always been fascinated by questions about the nature of life, existence, and what makes us all “tick.”

The Path is the result of a four-and-a-half decade quest, asking questions like, “What is beauty?” “How did life originate?” “Is there evidence of an afterlife?” “Why are some people bullies?” “What are the traits of successful people?” “Is superhuman strength really possible in extreme emergencies?”

I dug very, very deeply, and was able to piece together the answers to these questions and a whole lot more, laying out the very bases of thought, emotion, learning, memory, morality, motivation, and perception. The Path will teach you how your brain and body function, and how you can apply this knowledge for astounding, unprecedented success in every aspect of your life.

Over the course of two years, while writing The Path, I sought out Nobel prizewinners like Eric Kandel and Elizabeth H. Blackburn, and studied lectures from Yale, Oxford, Cambridge, Harvard, MIT, Stanford and Berkeley. I was fortunate to receive feedback, photographs and other information from some of science's greatest living minds, and spent years painstakingly illustrating and presenting all that I found. University professor Dr. Vicki Swier graciously vetted all the information as well, to ensure its accuracy.

Incredible REAL SECRETS for Love, Happiness, Power, Health, Longevity, Creativity, Charisma

While researching The Path I was filled with tremendous excitement, because I realized I'd stumbled upon the ultimate secrets of life – THE KEYS to love, power, knowledge, health, longevity and success.

The Path is the result of asking the fundamental questions of life, and then digging deeply for the answers. Even if you're a complete novice, The Path teaches you basic science, eventually building upon it to give you deep understanding of the very latest, explosive findings in genetics, neuroscience, game theory, communications theory, applied psychology, anthropology and more.

I needed a very thorough and precise knowledge of the subject matter so I could present it in a way that a complete beginner could follow and apply. And so began the fruits of four decades of an unswerving quest for knowledge, which have culminated in this powerful collection of life secrets.

The Path condenses the essence of three dozen books, several hundred lectures, and as many academic papers, bringing you the condensed, deepest, most immediately useful kernels of scientific discovery available - secret research which is so new it has never reached the mainstream public.

The Path is recommended for readers from age 14 up. In fact, the younger someone starts to read this knowledge, the greater the impact will be upon his or her life.

What you'll find in The Path:

Central to The Path is the theme of habits, and how to master them. Sigmund Freud once said, “Biology is destiny,” but that’s only part of the equation. I respectfully counter that “HABIT is destiny.” Master your habits and you master your destiny. The Path will teach you how, better than any book that has ever existed before.

We’ve mapped out the specific neural circuits responsible for forming habits. At the heart of it is the so-called “dopamine reward pathway,” (the mesolimbic pathway) in the core of your brain. Within the last decade, we’ve begun to learn the fundamental principles by which this master circuit works – and how to use that knowledge to your advantage.

True Mastery in EVERY Aspect of Life

This is only a small part of what you'll learn in The Path. You'll also learn the science behind:
  • what Harvard and MIT say about boosting your IQ
  • the hows and whys of sex, love and beauty
  • hysterical strength - how a moment of panic makes you superhuman
    - and how to tap that power
  • USDA discoveries about powerful anticancer and Alzheimer's reversing superfoods
  • addiction - where it comes from, how it hooks you, and how to beat it
  • timing your exercise and nutrition for peak fitness
  • cutting-edge findings on sleep and its effects
  • how to build a memory so powerful you can memorize a bilingual dictionary word-for-word
  • incredible cutting-edge longevity science that's going to allow you to live well past
    the century mark
  • the secret physiology that gives Shaolin Monks hands as strong as iron
  • powerful secrets of influence and personal magnetism
  • the deadly enemy within you - and how to fight back
  • The 21st-century super mind-training regimen of the US Marine Corps
  • The key to beating addictions and overcoming bad habits
  • The scientifically-proven best exercises for core strength and posture
  • How the most beautiful woman in the world went from ignominy to the pinnacle of success
  • Hidden household poisons and dangers and how to eliminate them
  • The right and wrong ways to diet
  • The brain's inner mechanisms for motivation and how to program them for your success.
  • Mapping out a path to your ultimate destiny
  • Universal truths where modern physics and ancient wisdom converge
  • The advantages and methods of finding a mentor
  • How habits are formed in the brain
  • Good and bad stress and how to tame them
  •  Lightning-fast, safe and effective weight loss
  • Success secrets of the world's greatest athletes
  • Stunning secrets to cancer survival
  • The world’s most powerful nutrients, supplements and superfoods
  • How to reach your maximum potential
  • A simple but powerful lifelong daily exercise program with free bonus training logs
  • The deadly effects of sitting and the secret to avoiding them
  • How to defeat negativity and anxiety
  • Seven types of personal power
  • Quantum-level personal persuasiveness
  • Power listening
  • The health benefits of volunteering
  • Research reports on the number one secret to happiness
  • Cultivating a spirit of kindness
  • Building your perfect body
  • The road to self-actualization
  • Powerful interpersonal relations
  • Proper breathing techniques for maximum fitness
  • Performance-enhancing secrets of Olympic coaches
  • The latest scientific research on human attractiveness

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