Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The Path Book II: Mind and Body has been published

Tokyo, Jan. 2012 --  In Book I, you learned of the incredible power and astounding complexity of your brain, genetic heritage, endocrine and nervous systems, and of how to use this knowledge to initiate profound, lasting changes in your life.

Here, you’ll learn how to unleash the awe-inspiring capacities that lie dormant within you, and how to tap into your body's intrinsic power for astonishing strength, robust health and longevity. You’ll discover how you can boost your IQ, maximize your learning, and shatter the limits of memory, of how to maximize your influence, and the true secrets of happiness. You’re going to learn about the truly awesome power you possess in your body, how it converts food into its energy and building blocks, nutrients to heal you and supercharge your health, and how to feed and otherwise maintain your body for superb, lifelong health and youth.

Learn the science behind:
  • hysterical strength - how a moment of panic makes you superhuman - and how to tap that power
  • USDA discoveries about powerful anticancer and Alzheimer's reversing superfoods
  • addiction - where it comes from, how it hooks you, and how to beat it
  • timing your exercise and nutrition for peak fitness
  • cutting-edge findings on sleep and its effects
  • how to build a memory so powerful you can memorize a bilingual dictionary word-for-word
  • what Harvard and MIT say about boosting your IQ
  • incredible cutting-edge longevity science that's going to allow you to live well past the century mark
  • the secret physiology that gives Shaolin Monks hands as strong as iron
  • the hows and whys of sex, love and beauty
  • powerful secrets of influence and personal magnetism
  • the deadly enemy within you - and how to fight back

Volume I taught you how to reach your potential. Now you’re going to learn how to become superhuman.

The 540-page black and white paperback is available online here for $24.95, full-color PDF for $9.95 and Kindle edition at Don't wait! Get your copy right now and start walking The Path!

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